The American engineer Seth Goldstein has designed a machine that with 350 different movements tie a four-in-hand in nine minutes.
Man therefore make it still significantly faster so why not learn a new tie knot?
Below are the manuals for 4 types of tie knots. We assume you are right-handed in the following instructions.
The images are mirror images and is what you will see if you stand in front of a mirror.


Tie length

For the style conscious observer it is obvious if someone has tied his tie so that it has become too short or too long. The tie should be tied so that it ends at or just above the belt buckle. If the length of the tie be wrong you have to loose the knot and do it again. Try again until you get the tie to extend down to the belt buckle when standing upright neither shorter or longer.




Four-in-hand knot is an asymmetrical knot which is considered the easiest to learn among the four most commonly used knots.



Windsor knot is a symmetric and large tie knot that suits wide collar shirts.
It is not suitable for ties that are made of thick material, then it will result in a tie knot that is too large.


Half-Windsor is a symmetrical tie knot which is slightly smaller than Windsor knot. It is suitable for most collars and occasions.



Shelby knot is a symmetrical tie knot with an average size. It is stylish and suitable for most shirts and occasions. Disadvantage is that the back of the slim end of the tie is facing outwards, which does not look good if it is not well hidden behind the wide end.


How to Take Care of a tie in the best way.

A tie torn most when is tied and untied. It pays off to be cautious especially at the opening of your tie to last as long as possible. When the tie is not used, it must be untied otherwise it becomes wrinkled. It only takes a moment to tie a knot, so there's no excuse for leaving the with a knot.
If the tie has become wrinkled, it should not be fixed with the iron. Iron and tie is a dangerous combo. The easiest way to straighten out the wrinkles on your tie is to hang it on the shower rod when you take a bath. Gravity and moisture will over the night remove most of the wrinkles out of your tie.
It is also good to have several ties, because it gives your ties a break so that they can recover and straighten out.
If you get a spot on one of your ties, do not wash the entire tie for then it will probably lose its luster. Try instead with stain remover to the back of the tie. If there will be no discolourations you can try to treat the the stain / stains on the front of the tie.

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